What to expect in hospital

Tips and information for when your loved one is hospitalised with brain injury.
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The hospital phase

Brain Injury has an immediate effect on the person with the Brain Injury and their families, carers, support circles. Being able to navigate your way through the stresses of being within the hospital system can have a positive impact on your experience

There are many people that you encounter in the hospital and knowing who is who can reduce the emotional stress. And while it is tempting to want to be a part of every medical visit, procedure, decision - it is very important to remember to take care of yourself as well.

Other resources

Coping with grief and loss

The consequences of Brain Injury is different for each person and therefore - the grief, loss and recovery will also differ.
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Brain injury and rehabilitation

After Brain Injury
Rehabilitation is about restoring as much quality of life and ability as possible.
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Life with a brain injury

After Brain Injury
Adjusting to life with a brain injury can take time. Brain Injury Assist aims to help and make it a little easier.
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