What follows is a series of videos that may also serve to answer questions that you may have about the world of brain injury. In the real words of carers, family members, medical professionals and people living with brain injury.

Coping With Grief and Loss

Hear from Robyn who talks about her experience of grief and loss following her husband's brain injury.

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Rehabilitation and Brain Injury - Professional Information

Occupational Therapist Dr Marlena Klaic provides some information for family members and carers about the rehabilitation process following brain injury.

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Rehabilitation and Brain Injury - Overview

Hear from Jesse and Mum Marie who share insight into Jesse's rehabilitation process following a stroke. It includes some information on what to expect during the rehabilitation process, as well as some tips on overcoming challenges faced.

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What To Expect In Hospital

In this video, we hear from Charlene about her husband who sustained a brain injury following a work place accident. She shares the experience in the hospital, including her initial feelings and emotions and what helped her cope.

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